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Feel free to contact the designer if you have any further questions about commissioning a service. 

Ready to make an order?

What is the design process?

Research & Refining: Initial video call (~30 min) to discuss visuals and work out details of the project.

Draft: When the information we have to work with is clear, a draft will be put together. This will have the text laid out and sketches of the illustrations to be refined. This is the best time for feedback before we approach the final. 

Final: Following the iterative design process, a final illustration will be delivered to check if there are any small revisions before completing the project. 

What if I need a quick turn around?

Please inquire with the designer as this changes depending on the scope of the project. Tight timelines will be accommodated as much as possible. 

What kind of file types are delivered?

  • Graphic Figure Design: .PDF, .png, .tiff

  • Infographic/Science Illustration: .png, .tiff, .jpeg

  • Icon Design: .PDF, .png, .tiff, .ai* 

  • If you do not see the file type that you are looking to receive please contact the designer.

(*Logo Designs)

Can I make my own edits to the illustration after final delivery?

Changes to the final illustration by the client are not permitted; however, the designer is always happy to make small tweaks (e.g., to text, or colours) at a reduced cost. If you would like to commission a type of graphic that you may use more freely, it is recommended that you choose the icon service (as these are moveable elements that may be resized or added to existing figures). 

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