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Visual Communication Design Certificate, Emily Carr University of Art & Design (In progress)

Bachelors of Science – Honours, University of Victoria (2017 – 2021)

Canadian French Immersion Diploma – Honours, William Aberhart High School (2014 – 2017)



Honours Thesis

University of Victoria

Tasks: Experimental design, all experimental procedures (primer & probe design/testing, RNA extractions, cDNA conversions, RT-PCR, qPCR), literature review, bioinformatic analyses, statistical analyses, final thesis write-up.

Supervisor: Dr. John Taylor

Topic: Shedding light on Opn6a, a new and unusual family of non-visual opsins, using RT-PCR and qPCR data from sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)



University of Victoria 

Tasks: Study design, primer and probe design/testing, RNA extractions and PCR

Supervisor: Dr. John Taylor

Topic: Identifying and comparing presence of expression of Opn6a1 and Opn6a2 genes in larval and adult sablefish 


Marine behavioural ecology

Bamfield Marine Science Center 

Tasks: Experimental design, pleasure craft operation, intertidal field and lab experimentation involving invertebrates, animal care and final research paperactions and PCR

Supervisor: Dr. Hilary Hayford

Topic: Exploring coastal ecosystems and marine behavioural ecology

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Intern geneticist (Co-op)

Golden Eagle Sablefish Hatchery

Supervisor: Dr. John Taylor, Dr. Tricia Rubi

Topic: Parentage analysis of hatchery sablefish offspring from both wild and F1 brood stock to investigate influences on survivorship.

Tasks: PCR, capillary gel electrophoresis for microsatellite visualization, genotyping and parentage/cross analysis

Funding: BioTalent Canada

RESEARCH assistant

Marine Microbiology & Biological Oceanography Lab

Supervisor: Dr. Kim Juniper

Topic: Deep-sea hydrothermal vent microbial ecology

Tasks: Primer & probe design, microscopy, culturing of extremophilic protists, literature reviews

Strickland oceanographic lab cruise

University of Victoria

Tasks: Deploy Niskin bottles, CTDs, zooplankton net tows, water sampling and analysis, zooplankton identification

Supervisor: Dr. John Dower

Topic: Biological Oceanography


Rubi, T. L., McPherson A. M., Mokariasl N., Koop B. F., Campbell B. & Taylor, J. S. (2021)

Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) parentage analyses in aquaculture. Aquaculture Research.

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